OIL PRESSURE PUMP – a hydraulic gear pumps which offer excellent levels of strength and durability; with cast iron end flanges and aluminium alloy body, they are suitable for use in heavy working environments and cope well with the transmission of high hydraulic pressures.

Another plus point is the low noise level generated by OT pumps and exceptional mechanical efficiency. Due to the high quality materials used in the construction of the pumps, they are of a limited weight and offer increased portability.

Available models are OT200 & OT100



OT100 Series Pumps

  • Displacements from 0,73 to 7,6 cc/rev
  • Working pressures up to 260bar
  • High quality cast iron pump casing

OT200 Series Pumps

  • Displacements from 4,10 to 30 cc/rev
  • Working pressures up to 250bar
  • Gas threaded or flanged type ports