Tactile & Guiding Lines

Helo again,

In colaberation with the Slovakian company Olejar Tactile Products, after our recent visit to their factory, we are proud to annonce our exclusive dealership to their products in the region.

Here is the link to the products we offer from Olejar: https://alshabibtrading.com/product-category/product-type/tactile-guiding/

Olejar is one of the top european companies that provide tactile products and services in Europe, they have been around for many years and they are well know for their 100% european products.

We have already started supplying many sites in Dubai and Sharjah with the tactile items to help the visual impared, this is all done to provide a better living for everyone and to show our support to the needful.

Our prices are the most competitive and the quality is superb, at the moment, we supply everything that is related to tactiles and guiding strips customized with different shapes and sizes.

Thank you,

Al Shabib Trading Est.