Reducing Carbon Emissions

Al Shabib Trading Est. is committing to helping in reduce carbon emission, we are inspired by the UAE goal to control the effects of climate change and controlling emissions by reducing flaring of natural gas and increasing energy efficiency.

Al Shabib Trading has taken many steps to help in reducing the carbon footprint effects, we are still in the process of implementing techniques and ways to help the environment – The Green Planet for Our Kids Future.

Paper Bags

We are in the process of switching from Plastic Bags to Paper Bags, we are already in contact with many local companies that produce recycled paper bags.

Wood Pallets

We import more than 3 containers a month, our material that we receive is staked on pallets, all pallets are sent to recycling factories in the UAE or reused by us.

Carton Boxes

We reuse our carton boxes and whatever is left out we send to through channels that deliver to recycling factories in the UAE.

AC Automated

We are in the process of upgrading all our AC units and air exhausts to auto timer and more energy friendly systems.

Lights & Sockets

Switching all of our lights to LED energy saver, upgrading our systems to more energy friendly brands, reducing the use of sockets in the wall and keeping track of watts usage.

“Together for a better and Green Future”