WATERPROOF COATING – Terracrete is a liquid-applied two pack waterproof coating which requires only simple site mixing prior to application. It is simple to apply by brush, roller or trowel and once dry it forms a strong flexible waterproof coating. It is an effective barrier to water and inhibits the passage of salts and CO2 gas.

Available in 15KG powder + 5KG liquid Set.

Product Documents

Terracrete is supplied as a two component, powder (cement based) and resin (acrylic based) system to be mixed on site, with the following properties:
– Waterproof and weatherproof coating
– Seamless coating
– Effective anti-carbonation coating
– High surface adhesion
– Exposed trafficable coating
– Allows surface to breath
– Can be applied to green concrete
– Non-toxic

Areas if use:
– Waterproof stone before installation
– General concrete repair
– Waterproof roof coating
– Foundation protection
– Waterproof lining for concrete water tanks
– Wet room walls and floors
– Protection of concrete from sea water

– Terracrete Part A is supplied in 15kg paper bags.
– Terracrete Part B is supplied in 5kg pails.