Special Polishing Powder for white marbles and for acid delicate marbles.

KLINDEX POLISH KP85 WHITE is a high-performing polishing powder. Its special formulation allows to reach safely high gloss level even on delicate marble without causing any stain, etching, yellowing and imperfection.

Available in 1KG, and 20KG.

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KP85 WHITE, thanks the new FINE GRAIN, it dissolves faster with the eater and it reacts with the calcium carbonate of the material providing an excellent brightness, leaving vitreous finishing and long lasing resistance against dirt, traffic marks and stains.

KP85 WHITE will leave safe floor and not slippery surface.

KP85 WHITE is recommended for all materials sensitive to YELLOW base aggressive polishing powders and to be used with PLANETARY FLOOR GRINDERS. The product can also be applied on any calcareous surface. The product does not contain any wax.

KP85 WHITE can be used whit DISCOLUX PAD by 150-175rpm Single disc machines or by Planetary Head floor grinder at lower speed rotation. KP 85 WHITE can be used after grinding and honing diamond process or for maintenance marble floors.