EXTRA DROPS Wet look polish for outdoor floors it is the ideal product for finishing all outdoor floors showing up the original shade.‎ It is applied on all natural stones (granite, marble) with an old-looking finish, flamed finish, sanded finish and on smoothed or polished surfaces according to the effect you want to obtain.‎ It covers the minute excoriations and defects enhancing the aspect and the colors.‎ The main result is the naturalness of the resulting polish.‎ Moreover, with more coatings, the performance can be improved.‎ A good waterproof effect is also provided.‎

Available in 750 ml tin.

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The product is ready to use.‎ Spread a coat or two by brush according to the final expected effect.‎ Make sure the application is uniform.‎ Allow it to dry for a few minutes, then you can trample on it.‎ Automatic waxing machines can be used directly on the polishing lines.‎
If used in indoor environments, ensure good ventilation during application and always wear appropriate protective equipment.‎
It’s impossible to determine the spreading rate beforehand because this strongly depends on the absorbency of the material on which it is applied and the final desired effect.‎
However, a spreading rate of about 7 / 8 square meters per liter can be assured.‎