BRILLO Liquid silicone based wax gives an excellent polish and a good water/oleo repellent, it can be used on any kind of natural stone and lithoid materials.‎
BRILLO is a straight-chain polydimethyl-siloxane modified with fluorinated groups.‎ It has an hydro repelling action by penetrating into materials up to 4 mm and has polishing action thanks to silicone components.‎ BRILLO is permeable to vapor; processed surfaces keep totally breathable.‎

Available in 750 ml tin.

Product Documents



BRILLO is supplied ready-to-use.‎ Application should take place on dry surfaces by using low-pressure airless spray, brush or roller: in any case take care to ensure an even application.‎ Preliminary tests shall determine the right quantity of the product to be used since that depends on the different material absorption.‎ Once applied, allow it to dry for a few minutes, then wipe it with a dry  and clean cloth for the finishing polish.‎
All surfaces not to be treated must be protected by plastic sheets.‎