EcoProtec Iron Stain Away


A cleaner for removing brown stains caused by naturally occurring iron deposits in hard natural stone.

  • Acid based stone cleaner
  • Helps prevent iron staining from returning
  • Suitable for un-polished natural stone


Acid based cleaner for the removal of rust outbreaks within ferrous hard stones. Also removes cement and mortar stains. Natural stones often contain traces of Iron, which may oxidize when they come into contact with moisture either from rain or cleaning. It can also occur when stone comes into contact with certain acid-based cleaners that contain ingredients that can accelerate the oxidization process. This
would include some brick acids and cement removers. The result of this oxidation is that the stone develops rust and discoloration. Iron Stain
Away is specifically formulated to help remove these blemishes. Acid based stone cleaner, which contains special rust preventing ingredients
designed for long term effect. Iron Stain Away alters the rust particles removing rust discoloration caused by iron in the stone or environmental influences. Cement and salt residues are also removed. Suitable for use on acid resistant natural stones including granites and
slates. Not suitable for highly polished natural stone. The effect is limited on rough & textured limestone and marble.