For more than 40 years, our premium quality Color Pigments Iron Oxide Powder with German and USA standards is a highly recommended product for many any type of production purposes, it has been sold to the GCC and Africa to international and local factories and production facilities. Our color powder is considered a high performance product and a very long lasting effect that will not change color or fade.

It can be used in the following formats:

  • Production of Color Powder for Marble & Granite, used to fill the gaps
  • Color Powder for Interlock, used to color the interlock mixed with cement
  • Color Powder for tiles mixed with cement
  • Color Powder used to pre-color paints and dyeing

Product Documents


Available in the following colors:

Iron Oxide Red Premium – GR.130
Iron Oxide Green Premium – GR.5605
Iron Oxide Brown Premium – GR.860
Iron Oxide Yellow Premium – GR.313
Iron Oxide Black Premium – Gr.722
Iron Oxide Orange Premium – GR.960
Iron Oxide Blue Premium – GR.463