Diamond Pads 17″

Elica Diamond Pads ¬†17″ 430mm The best solution for Concrete, Terrazzo and Natural stones. Application: A)...

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Hand Diamond Polishing Pad

German Standard Hand Diamond Polishing/Sanding Pads manufactured in Korea, these pads are used to perform on-site...

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Steel Wool Pads & Coils

Spanish/Italian Steel Wool Pads & Coils for the crystallization of stone floors as marble, terrazzo or...

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Crystallizing Powder

The Spanish Crystallizing powder is specially suitable for the maximum brightness level in any type of marble or...

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Backing & Vel Pad

The abrasive or polishing medium is held securely on the face of the backing pad by means of a locking disc or...

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Buffing Pads

Different sizes and measurement of Buffing Pads used along Polishing Wax through rubbing to gain a smooth,...

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