For dark granite. POLISH KG is not only one of the best polishing powder but it is also an excellent chemical for...

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Levighetor 650 TOP

Professional floor grinder complete of Planetary K1500. Patented Mono-rotating planetary. LEVIGHETOR 650 is the...

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Powder for Granite

Italian Grey Powder for the final polishing of Granite of every kind and porcelain gres. Manufactured with the...

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Granite Polishing Disc (SAIT)

Abrasive discs on fibre, available from grit 24 to grit 120, in diameters 4.5 inch and 7 inch. Suitable for all...

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SAW Cutting Machine

Grade A Chinese Stone Cutting machine, specs for each picture attached: SAW 45 manual: – Head turns up to...

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Mastico Glue

Mastico Glue, the most famous Grade A standard glue well known in the UAE Market, tested and approved in the UAE...

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Diamond Discs

A variety of stone & ceramic cutting blades and profile discs with different sizes and measurements, we got...

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Super Mastics

Super Mastics made in Italy, approved and tested in the UAE market, Super Mastics Adhesive is the No.1 of its...

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