BUFFING & POLISHING WOOL FELT PAD – Made from high quality wool, easily to clean, this polishing pad is also excellent for artificial stone panels, flooring, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal and non-metal surfaces, glass, furniture, ceramics, marble and other stones, it provides exceptional shine and luster to any painted/waxed surface.

Available sizes & Types:

Buffing Pad 4.5″
Buffing Pad 7″
Buffing Pad M14
Buffing Pad Velcro 4.5″
Buffing Pad Velcro 7″



Premium quality wool felt buffing and polishing pad ideally used with angle grinders with regular socket, velcro pad, or M14 connector, it is suitable to work with all polishing compounds, glazes, paint sealants and waxes.

  • Ideal for low and high speed polishing, buffing most metals and stone surfaces.
  • Subtitle for use with Rotary Polishers, Grinders or DA Dual Action Devices
  • MAX RPM: 12500
  • Made of white wool material, durable and strong.
  • Best for polishing glass scratches and stainless steel grinding.
  • Felt polishing pads for all your polishing needs.
  • Apply to stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal, glass, ceramic, stones, etc.