SMAKKIO Rust Remover

SMAKKIO RUST by Klindex: For many stone surface, e.g., white granites, are subject to rusting formation because they contain iron. In other cases, rust can form on the material due to iron residues from filing or after laying. In all these cases, SMAKKIO Rust is very effective thanks to its de-rusting and rust-preventing properties, it brings materials back to their original quality.



Instructions for use:
• Shake Smakkio-Rust before use
• Preferably lay the material horizontally
• Pour Smakkio-Rust abundantly and uniformly on the material
• Wait between 2 hours (superficial rust) and 72 hours (pyrite
• Rinse abundantly with clean water, maybe with the help of a
plastic brush to remove any residues

How can Smakkio-Rust be applied?
Smakkio-Rust can be poured over the horizontally laid material and
spread with a paintbrush, a cloth, some paper, a plastic brush, a
broom etc.  For specific vertical applications it can be sprayed bottom-up.

Is Smakkio-Rust also suitable for removing rust from white
Smakkio-Rust is an acid-based formula; therefore, it reacts with
marble and all other calcareous materials. It might be tried out as a
rust-remover bearing in mind that the material will have to be
polished afterwards.

Can Smakkio-Rust be diluted?
Yes, the product can be watered down. It is indeed advisable to do
so when treating white materials and stones, in a ratio of 1 part of
Smakkio-Rust and 1 part of water.