BRIDGE CUTTING MACHINE – Premium quality bridge cutters with out standing performance and accurate results.

Available models are as following:
ZLBS-500/700 – Infrared Bridge Cutting Machine
ZLBS-500B/700B – Infrared Guide Pole Bridge Cutting Machine
ZLBS-500C/700C – Infrared Bridge Cutting Machine

Details for the models are in the description box below, these machine are on pre-order bases.




This machine adopts automatic crossbeam distance location, controlled by microcomputer for achieving high level automation. Main components, including transducer, magnetic rule and laser marking –off equipment etc, are imported qualified parts. With high cutting accuracy, stable performance, good adaptability and high reliability, it is a kind of combined multi-functional stone cutting machine which suitable for high value and big size board line cutting.


This machine adopts imported qualified parts to guarantee machine’s cutting accuracy and stable performance. It is new generation bridge cutter both for granite and marble cutting. Thanks to four guide pole structure and double oil cylinder lifting, small wear and strong stability was realized on this machine. Main components, including PLC control system and introducer, are offered by qualified parts supplier. Gemeny magnetic rule assures slicing precision. 90 degree rotation and 85 degree overturn of the worktable, is convenient of slab loading and unloading.(linearity guide rail and 45-90 degree rotation worktable are optional)


1.This machine adopts precision line rail, high accuracy movement.
2.Touch screen combined with traditional button design makes operation easily and maintenance conveniently.
3.Four guide pole structure and double oil cylinder lifting makes machine head moving stable up and down.
4.Automatic rotation of worktable, is convenient for slabs’ procession and loading/unloading.