5 Axis CNC Bridge Saw

For processing marble, granite, quarts stone, ceramics, and other materials, we provide 5 Axis Bridge Saw ZLBS-450/5A 5 axis smart cutters. It is operated quickly and easily, with high accuracy and efficiency. After taking a picture and placing the design drawing on the stone, the machine will begin to operate on its own.

Product Documents




Product Introduction

A 5 Axis Bridge Saw can process a variety of chamfering and 3D shaping processes, including arc line and wave line shaping, as well as photo layout. This is in addition to the traditional slice cutting of plates. The ZLBS-450CNC/5A type can be used to do granite thick plate special-shaped processing, due to the configuration of 22KW permanent magnet motor, cutting strength and fast, and save electricity. The system built-in conventional shape graphics library, support the function of DXF file import. Host is using CAD drawing software, easy to operate, easy to learn. It can be connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi and wireless sharing of mobile phones. Human-computer interaction, remote monitoring and system update are realized. The ZLBS-450CNC/5A type’s main component can be completely encapsulated in a high cube container. Additionally, after-sales support is simple to offer, and our technician can assist the operator remotely. We’ll offer the best service and price.


1. Because the machine has a united structure, it takes up less room and is simple to install and move.
2.The 5 axis CNC control center’s hardware is Italian.
3.Equipped with an industrial computer and a 17″ color touch-screen.
4.An automatic tool setting gauge is included, which checks the blade automatically.
5.The system has a traditional shaped drawing library and supports DXF format import.

Technical Parameters

Model ZLBS-450CNC/5A (with suction cup) Unit
Worktable size L3500*W2000 mm
Maximum Processing L3500*W2000*H100 mm
Blade diameter ₵350-450 mm
Main motor power 22 (Permanant Magnet Motor) kw
Total power 30 kw
Dimensions L5750*W3260*H2500 / (include camera 3500mm height) mm
Water consumption 2 m³/h
Total weight 5 t
Machine delivered method Main part delivered as whole