Cleaner 53

Italian Neutral cleaner to treat marble, granite, ceramic floors, etc. its neutral ph formulation makes it...

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Beton Guard Lithium

Oil-repellent Once applied it makes a very hard film for maximum protection. It can be applied directly but we...

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NO RUST 2000

Surface processing NO RUST 2000 NO RUST 2000 is an acid mix suitable for removing rust stains from granite,...

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Shelber Sealer 1337

S1337 Repellent Solution Water/Stain/Oil/Dirt Repellent for Horizontal & Vertical Paving, Concrete,...

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Stone Soap

Daily cleaner and sealer soap for polished marble and terrazzo floors. It leaves the floors waterproof and high...

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Kristal Blu/Green

We have the most effective types of polishing high gloss liquids and creams that KLINDEX offers: Kristal Blu is a...

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The most popular polishing powder! POLISH KP85 is not only one of the best polishing powder but it is also...

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Active Grout

Premium quality water proof grout for joints, the key features are: – Wall & Floor grouting –...

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Wet Look

Italian Sealer color enhancer, does not affect the brightness, suitable for treating marble, granite, stone,...

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Active Water Proof

ACTIVE Water Proof A+B compound to seal the stone from the back side, it is a high resistible and efficient...

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Crystallizing Powder

The Spanish Crystallizing powder is specially suitable for the maximum brightness level in any type of marble or...

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KLINDEX Crystallizator liquid for marble and terrazzo. Marble & Terrazzo floor crystallization liquid used to...

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