Diamond Pads 17″

Elica Diamond Pads  17″ 430mm The best solution for Concrete, Terrazzo and Natural stones. Application: A)...

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Hand Diamond Polishing Pad

German Standard Hand Diamond Polishing/Sanding Pads manufactured in Korea, these pads are used to perform on-site...

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Bush Hammer

Grade A quality Bush hammers available in the following sizes: – 100mm Diameter M14 with 3 Rollers –...

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Profile Wheels

Premium quality profile wheels available at many sizes and designs for all types of stones. PORTABLE MACHINE...

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Diamond Pencil

Diamond pencil used with a drill for art work on stone.

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Core Drill

Excellent quality core drills for all types of stones & artificial stones, available in different sizes and...

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Cup Grinder

A variety of stone grinding discs with different sizes and measurements, we got superior Italian, Japanese, and...

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Diamond Discs

A variety of stone & ceramic cutting blades and profile discs with different sizes and measurements, we got...

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